Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Pakistan Confirms It Will Play The Asia Cup

Pakistan Cricket board has now confirmed that Pakistani Team will be taking part in the Asia cup 2014 which will be hosted by the Bangladesh. Pakistan are winners of last Asia cup and without their participation in the tournament the charm of event will totally go down.

But now PCB has confirmed that despite the unrest in Bangladesh they will be sending the team to Bangladesh.

ACC has also welcomed this announcement of Pakistan.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Pakistan Vs South Africa 2013 Series Schedule

Soon two tigers of Cricket are going to clash and you will be able to watch the action on PTV Sports online. my previous I written in detail about history of Pakistan and South African cricket teams. Pakistan and South Africa are two really great Cricket Teams who always given each other really tough time while SA got the edge. Pakistan is considered more unpredictable. on other hand South Africa is famous for showing good performance in small matches but they often loses in big pressure matches Like World Cup Semi Final.

Pakistan Vs South Africa 2013 Series Schedule

Earlier Pakistan and South Africa taken on each other in February 2013 in a series that was hosted by South Africa. Now these two teams will come across each other in October In UAE for a big series that will continue for a month and will contain 2 Tests, 5 ODIs and 2 T20s.

Record of Pakistani Team is really good In United Arab Emirates so we can expect good performance from Pakistan against SA in UAE which has always dominated them in Tests and ODIs.

Pakistan Vs South Africa 2013 Series Schedule


October 14 Monday - October 18 Friday - South Africa vs Pakistan, 1st Test In Abu Dhabi

October 23 Wednesday - October 27 Sunday - South Africa vs Pakistan, 2nd Test In Dubai


October 30th Wednesday - South Africa vs Pakistan, 1st ODI In Sharjah

November 1st Friday - South Africa vs Pakistan, 2nd ODI In Dubai

November 6th Wednesday - South Africa vs Pakistan, 3rd ODI In Abu Dhabi

November 8th Friday - South Africa vs Pakistan, 4td ODI In Abu Dhabi

November 11th Monday - South Africa vs Pakistan, 5th ODI In Sharjah


November 13th Wednesday - South Africa vs Pakistan, 1st T20 In Dubai

November 15th Friday - South Africa vs Pakistan, 2nd T20 In Dubai

Pakistan Vs South Africa Live 2013

Pakistan Cricket team has really busy schedule this year as after break of every few months Pakistan is playing a big Cricket series against different teams. Now right Pakistani team is involved in playing a big series against Zimbabwe in their home. After this series we will see Pakistan Vs South Africa Live 2013 series that will be played in October in the United Arab Emirates.

Pakistan Vs South Africa Live 2013

The series will start from 14th October 2013 with 1st Test In Abu Dhabi. the series includes two test matches, 5 ODIs and and 2 T20 matches which means it will be really big series that will continue till November 15th 2013.

It was actually a home series of Pakistan but due to security problems in the country it is shifted to the United Arab Emirates. Pakistan also faced South Africa in UAE last year.

It will be after 8 months that South Africa will be playing a test match. last time they played a test was in February and that was also against Pakistan at home. South Africa won that test series against Pakistan quite easily.

South Africa has dominated Pakistan in all formats till now. both teams played 63 ODI matches out of which Pakistan won 20 and SA won 42. In tests SA Won 11 while Pakistan won only 3. however in T20s Pakistan is ahead by 4-3 difference.

Pakistan Vs South Africa Live 2013 Schedule will be following:

1st Test 14th October to 18th October in Abu Dhabi
2nd Test 23rd October to 27th October In Dubai

1st ODI 30th October in Sharjah
2nd ODI 1st November in Dubai
3rd ODI 6th November in Abu Dhabi
4th ODI 8th November in Abu Dhabi
5th ODI 11th November in Sharjah

1st T20 13th November in Dubai
2nd T20 15th November In Dubai